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Data & Analytics

The world of Big Data is expanding at light speed. Never before have we had more info at our disposal to assess and leverage. However, knowing the importance of your data and being able to work with it are two different things. 


Working with data is a skill set; it’s both art and science. ProfitPoint can assist in an almost unlimited number of complementary roles to help you find what data matters, why it matters, and where to go next.

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Data Literacy

Develop your ability to read, understand, analyze and communicate with data to empower all levels of workers. When you’re “data literate,” you'll ask the right questions, build knowledge, and make better decisions.

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Data Preparation

In computer programming, using the wrong code will get you the wrong results. The same is true of using your data. If any of your predictive models incorporate incomplete, irrelevant, or inaccurate data, then your analysis and decisions will be askew. Data preparation is essential to establishing proper context.

Collating Data
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Data Governance

Having standards for data quality, assimilation, and policies ensure enterprise systems don’t falter or run off track. 

data literacy
data preparaton
data governanc
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Data Strategy

Prioritize and align data to propel you into the future.  Developing a data-focused growth strategy is a dynamic process, drawing from the entire range of your business operations. It requires the right tools and thinking, as well as the ability to adapt and implement changes to outdated systems.

Brand Strategy
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Data Engineering

Collect. Translate. Validate. Datasets are dynamic assets that should be producing the right answers at the right times. Proficiency in data integration, data analytics, and the application of traditional and generative AI is essential to getting the right answers at the right time.

data engineering
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