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Creative Working

The ProfitPoint Process

To say there is no one-size-fits-all model for corporate data strategy would be a drastic understatement. Successful solutions start with understanding right where your enterprise is currently at, and no two situations are alike.

We utilize the Triple Fit Canvas© to get a full spectrum view of your organization, discover how we can amplify what’s working, and address what’s not. This framework has been featured in the Harvard Business Review for its collaborative approach to facilitating value in B2B relationships. 


The Triple Fits Canvas assesses your enterprise across three main categories, each with their own three subcategories.


Once we have this foundation, we deliver a clear strategy towards your goals without getting bogged down in irrelevant theory. Our actionable solutions are the result of harnessing the story your data is telling.


When we’re all on the same page, solutions present themselves fast. From there, we assist in systems implementation to whatever degree is necessary.

Connecting Dots

Your unique data uncover your key insights and point to your profit potential.


It all starts with a free consultation to learn more about your enterprise.

Don’t Drive Your Business With Blinders On.


Don’t Drive Your Business By Looking In Your Rearview Mirror.

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