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At ProfitPoint, we can work as a partner to make sure data analytics work for you. Even organizations with a team currently devoted to data analytics can benefit from an outside perspective because only high-level data literacy can ensure your predictive models are working as needed. It’s easy to formulate A strategy from your data…but it may not be THE strategy. 

Additionally, almost all industry landscapes are evolving rapidly. Historical data analysis seldom provides the necessary insights for innovation or uncovering new profit opportunities.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

We can’t solve our business issues by using the same 

approach we used when we created them.

Every enterprise is unique. There's far from a one-size-fits-all solution. Regardless of what your company needs, we have the network in place to support it. We're not looking to replace any individual or team in your enterprise. Our role is one of collaboration to help you streamline processes, achieve agile operation, and harness your data’s full potential. Enormous amounts of time and money can be saved by having a leading data support system.

Affinity Analysis

We’ll collaborate on the right data strategy based on the data that matters. Affinity Analysis discovers relationships throughout your enterprise and how best to manage them.

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Financial Consolidation

Consolidated and accurate financial reporting is a tall task for today’s finance departments.

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Revenue Maximization

There are a variety of processes involved in getting the most out of what you have. We’ll help you identify the data from key areas like marketing & advertising, sales, expenses, supply chains, and more.

Financial Planning & Analysis

What are the factors that drive your financial planning and analysis? When the right data analytics are involved, you’ll be 10x more confident that you head into each quarter with the right game plan.

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Business meeting

Sales & Operations Planning

Let’s leverage your data to support integrated management processes. Proper synchronization among your organizational functions depends on having the right context for decisions.

Outsourced Enterprise Performance Management

ProfitPoint can serve in a comprehensive way to get your enterprise set up for success…fast.

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