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Increase Profits from Current Operations by 1% to 10% in 3 to 12 Months 

It's time to find the untapped profits in your company.

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Your data is pointing toward untapped profit potential. Can you see it?

❌ Inability to put the right variables into your growth formula and understand the context of crucial decisions


❌ Your current data analysis might be giving you AN answer, but not THE answer


❌ Searching through terabytes of data without gaining insights: expecting mass collection of data to be all that’s needed


❌ Failing to derive any value from your enabling technology/analytics


❌ Expecting to be data-fluent after a few days of training

The Slow Lane: Data Challenges 

✔️Using Traditional & Generative AI-enabled data insights for informed and empowered decision making


✔️ Optimize budgetary planning, forecasting & alignment of resources


✔️ Uncoving entirely new sales channels for current product lines


✔️ Able to put a dollar value on your data and knowing how to extract that value 


✔️ Discovering untapped profit potential


✔️ Using leading indicators instead of analyzing lagging ones: Assessing new problems before they transpire

Fast Lane: Data-Driven Performance

Introducing ProfitPoint: A collaborative team capable of interpreting your business’s data in ways that make you a more powerful decision-maker.

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Revenue Maximization

Your data is the source of tapping new points of profit and growth.


Affinity Analysis

Using predictive analysis techniques to discover high-impact correlations between key variables in your operation.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Getting the right data analytics so you're 10x more confident that you're heading into each quarter with the right game plan.


Outsourced Enterprise Resource Management

ProfitPoint can serve in a comprehensive way to get your enterprise set up for success…fast.

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Financial Consolidation

Consolidated and accurate financial reporting is a tall task for today’s finance departments.

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Strategic partnerships and over 30 years of combined experience in data analytics let us leverage powerful enabling technologies to tell your data story in ways that safeguard and grow your profits.  

ProfitPoint is industry-agnostic; we allow your unique insights generated by your data and performance metrics to point to key areas for cost savings and revenue enhancement. Your data is telling compelling stories about your enterprise and its future. ProfitPoint makes sure you understand the meaning.

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