Fractional Sales Leader
Fractional Sales Leader

Welcome to My World of Sales Transformation

Hello, I'm Malcolm McCance, and I invite you and your team to embark on a transformative sales journey with me. Imagine a partnership where your sales aspirations become a tangible reality, where every step we take together is a stride toward unprecedented success. My career, rich with experiences that have reshaped businesses and sales teams, is the compass guiding us toward your goals.

My Journey: Catalyzing Growth and Excellence

Join me on a journey where my strategic leadership and deep commitment to sales excellence have consistently propelled organizations to new heights. At Microsoft, I played a crucial role in empowering 37 partner organizations, guiding them to expand their sales prowess, enhance their negotiation capabilities, and close impactful deals. My leadership was a driving force in escalating the channel's gross revenue from $20 million to $120 million, demonstrating my ability to foster substantial growth and instill a dynamic sales culture.

At Soft Options, my contributions were significant amidst a collaborative team environment. While working alongside five other dedicated sales representatives and a bustling retail store, I was responsible for generating $7.4 million in sales over 18 months. This achievement represented nearly 50% of the company's total sales, a testament to our collective effort and my commitment to excellence in a team-oriented setting. This experience underscores not just my ability to drive sales, but also to thrive and contribute significantly within a diverse and dynamic sales ecosystem.

These experiences reflect my capability to transform sales strategies, build high-performing teams, and lead organizations to surpass their financial objectives. As we embark on this journey together, imagine leveraging this track record of collaborative success and strategic leadership to elevate your business, transforming potential into tangible profit and ambition into sustained achievement.

My Philosophy: Your Blueprint for Success

Visualize a partnership where sales leadership transcends traditional boundaries. I believe in a world where guiding a sales team is about unlocking potential, fostering trust, and harmonizing individual strengths to achieve collective success. My approach isn't just about strategies; it's about creating an experience that aligns your team's passions with your business's objectives.

My Expertise: Your Catalyst for Transformation

Imagine the transformative impact of my expertise on your business:

  • Solution Selling and Strategic Planning: Envision your sales strategy evolving into a living, breathing entity that adapts and thrives, uniquely crafted for your business.

  • Team Leadership and Development: See your sales team not just as employees but as inspired individuals, reaching new heights under my mentorship.

  • Client Relations and Account Management: Feel the depth of relationships built on mutual trust and respect, fostering a foundation for sustained growth.

  • Negotiations and Conflict Management: Watch as I turn challenges into opportunities, navigating complexities with ease and precision.

  • Training & Development and Compliance: Experience the growth and evolution of your team as they embrace new skills and insights under my guidance.

Connect with Me: Your Step Towards Mastery in Sales

Are you ready to transform your approach to sales? Imagine initiating a conversation with me and setting the stage for a revolution in your sales strategy and team dynamics. This isn't just an invitation; it's a gateway to realizing the vision you hold for your business.

Reach out and take that crucial step towards excellence in sales with me, Malcolm McCance. Witness the transformation of your sales efforts into a driving force behind your business's success. Your envisioned future for your sales team and enterprise is just a dialogue away. Let's make it your reality.